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You want to create an income stream that you can operate from your home.

1-Affiliates is NOT in Networking Marketing. We offer you opportunities that have worked for us.

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This is not a hobby nor a get-rich-scheme.
This is an opportunity that requires committment and hard work on your part, and ours to give you information and training.

The opportunity is here for you to watch your investment grow to provide income
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How We Can Help You
- I can add to my holding any time, and withdraw funds as I need.
1-Affiliates recommends you have BitCoin as part of your assets. Consider Gold, Silver and Platinum as part of your total holding.
- 5 reasons why I chose to work with USI-Tech and BitCoin -
- My Return on Capital is typically between 0.75% and 1.25% each working day, every week, every month
- I'm building a Retirement Fund and my holding with USI-Tech beats every traditional Units Trust or Annuity Fund.
- I chose to share this with friends and colleagues so they too can take advantage of this unique offering.
- It's really easy to manage and there's no products to buy or sell to retain my holding